What is JiCal?

"There is a clear need to provide and deploy interoperable calendaring and scheduling services for the Internet. Current group scheduling and Personal Information Management (PIM) products are being extended for use across the Internet, today, in proprietary ways. RFC 2445  has been defined to provide the definition of a common format for openly exchanging calendaring and scheduling information across the Internet." ...from RFC 2445.

JiCal is an Open-Source Java API to represent iCalendar objects and it is a full implementation of RFC 2445 from IETF, see JiCal features. With JiCal you easily described your user calendar information using iCalendar protocol and interoperate with other Calendar & Scheduling system using the this standard. 

To start using JiCal now please download it and read the Quick Start Guide and the samples that como with it.

If you find any bugs please send me a mesage to Thanks for your feedback.

  • iCalendar - Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (RFC 2445)
  • iTIP - iCalendar Transport Independent Interoperability Protocol (RFC 2446)
  • iMIP - iCalendar Message-Based Interoperability Protocol (RFC 2447)




  • Implements all iCalendar objects defined by RFC 2445: VCalendar, VEvent, VTodo, VAlarm, VJournal, VFreebusy, VTimeZone.
  • Implements all Property parameter defined by RFC 2445: ...
  • Implements all Properties defined by RFC 2445: ...
  • Provide a pluggable mechanism to attach any TimeZone definition (by default use Olson Database Definition).
  • Import/Export to iCalendar format (.ics).
  • Import/Export to iCalendar XML document format (.xcs).
  • Provide a foundation core object to implement other Calendar & Scheduling protocol as: RFC 2446, RFC 2447, CAP, SkiCal & Crisp.

note: the iCalendar XML document format (.xcs) are in experimental version, until the IETF release iCalendar DTD Document (xCal) as a RFC.

Copyright © 2001-2002, Gaspar González Oliva